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About & Download Info

• is the source of latest and old versions of Android apps and games (including Play Store and non Play Store apps and games) in the form of APK files. APK is the application package that installs all the apps and games on your Android powered smartphones and tablets. Even if you install them from Play Store, APK is first downloaded to your device which is then installed on your device. The APK files that are downloaded from this website do not automatically start installing. You need to manually install them.

• By default installing apps and games from sources other than Play Store are restricted. You need to go to your phone or tablet settings to enable installing apps or games from ‘unknown sources’.

• We will keep adding new apps and games as we get our hands on them and also update the previously published ones to add new versions and supply older versions. You may bookmark this site or follow our social media pages to receive updates.

• Chrome Browser and Microsoft Edge they both show warning while downloading APK files. You can ignore that warning and continue with downloading APK file. If any other web browser also show such warning you can safely ignore that. This warning will keep popping up even if you upload and download your own application APK with these web browsers.

• We do not restrict what you download and how you download. You may use download manager as well to boost download speed. In case you have downloaded an APK file with download manager and you face error while installing, either the file does not support your OS or the APK archive was corrupted while downloading. In that case check the APK details on our site. If APK seems compatible then re-download the file without download manager to make sure it does not get corrupted while forced downloading. You may match SHA1 to verify that file is not corrupt or altered in anyway.

• If the download speed is slow, it is either our servers are busy or you are downloading it during peak hours when download speed goes down internationally. We usually do not put upper limit on download speed. Do check your internet connection as well.

• Large games will download additional data after installing them. Typically APK files do not carry large OBB data files. These additional data files will automatically be downloaded once you launch the game. If you install an old APK of a game, it may fail to download additional data if game developers have removed that from download servers.

• We may keep old versions for infinite period of time. If we find out that an old APK is full of bugs or bogus we may remove that and related info from this website. We will also remove an APK file or restrict downloading it if we receive a request from app or game developer.