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Privacy Policy

We do not spy on our users. Your data like IP address from which you access this website, web browser details, operating system and device type data remain safe with us. Collection of such data only helps us to look at the performance of our own website and gives us the chance to make further improvements.

Your email address and other personal details that you need to provide while contacting site administrators will not be leaked or shared with anyone. Your email address helps us to contact you back. We won’t send promotional offers or spams to your email address.

Cookies including Google Advertising Cookies
We do use cookies to customize contents shown to the users, improve user experience and stop attackers and spams. Suck cookies are only stored in web browser that could be removed if required. These cookies do not spy on users contents or steal any data.

We display Google AdSense ads on this website to generate revenue to run this website. Google AdSense uses cookies to better customize ads according to the interest of visitors on this website. One of those cookies is “DoubleClick” cookie that is capable of generating and keeping a log of displayed ads and avoid displaying same ads again which a visitor has already seen or clicked on. Note that, this cookie does not keep record of any personal identifiable information of visitors. But it does contain an identifier that identifies the ad campaign to which a visitor was exposed previously. Also note that this cookie is sent to the visitor’s web browser only when a certain activity happens that calls the DoubleClick Server of AdSense. If the web browser accepts that cookie, it is stored on that. Visitors can opt-out from seeing particular ads by making necessary adjustments to their Ads settings.